Stationery for work is a necessity, so make it funky and brightly coloured! Seahorse stocks stationery for the office, the work space at home and desktop delights galore. Wonderful funky design, quality and colour. Perfect for stationery lovers who want to accessorize their office and update their work space! Gorgeous bright colours or cool black, funky and fun for you to choose!

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  1. Memo Block Pad - 'Roobarb' without 'Custard'.

    Memo Block Pad - 'Roobarb' without 'Custard'.


    Roobarb from 'Roobarb & Custard' fame. The green dog on a funky memo block cube. This notepad is 8cm square with a hole to place the pen or pencil. Great for people who like making lists, jotting down notes and grinning green dogs! Place at the side of the phone or on you study desk for jotting down the lists of life. Learn More
  2. 'Oxford' Gel Rollerball Pens by Helix.

    'Oxford' Gel Rollerball Pens by Helix.


    3 smudge proof gel pens from the 'Oxford' range at Helix. Pack of 3 rollerball gel ink pens in black, blue and red. Lovely smooth writing pens with a triangle grip for writing comfort and good value too! Great for a students pencil case!! Learn More
  3. Mini Highlighter Pens in a Jar.

    Mini Highlighter Pens in a Jar.


    10 mini highlighter pens in a jar. Ten text markers in purple, pink, blue, orange and yellow. Pop a highlighter in your pencil case for college and leave the pot at home for use around the house. You possibly will never need to buy another highlighter pen ever again! Learn More
  4. ZIG Chalk Markers.

    ZIG Chalk Markers.


    Chalk marker pens in wonderful colours from Zig. This wet-wipe chalk pen writes on chalk boards, white boards, windows, mirrors, ceramics and most non porous surfaces. This waterbased pigment chalk ink is lightfast, odourless and xylene free. Suitable for indoor use but if you air dry/cure your design for 24 hours, making it showerproof, it can be placed outdoors too! A 6.0mm chisel tip chalk marker pen in lots of colours from bright yellow to black! Learn More
  5. Paint Marker Pen from Schneider.

    Paint Marker Pen from Schneider.


    The paint marker with a fine metal tip for marking almost every surface including metal and glass. 0.8 mm nib Paint-marker covers like lacquer on most surfaces including metal, glass, ceramics, porcelain, plastic, rubber, leather and paper. High quality, low odor and alcohol-based (without xylol/toluol), water and wipe resistant and lightfast. Gold is only currently available from Seahorse!! Learn More
  6. i Pad Case in Buffalo Leather.

    i Pad Case in Buffalo Leather.


    Chunky, hunky i Pad case in buffalo leather, with Lokta paper lining for super smoothness when putting your i Pad away. Buffalo leather is a dark chocolate brown in appearance and this tablet cover comes with a leather wrap around lace to secure the envelope flap on the front. The leather tablet case will soften and age with use, looking vintage, Bohemian and super cool. Learn More
  7. Book Ends Singles.

    Book Ends Singles.


    A book end made from just a single piece of thin, durable polypropylene. These inventive bookends use a novel 'living hinge' to solve a usually bulky book shelf problems. They fold flat, they stand up straight and, if we do say so ourselves, these bookends look great anywhere, around the home and office. Each book end has a gripping base to keep them rock steady. The bookends can be easily wiped clean and most importantly, they are very, very strong! Sold in singles if you only need one, or why not mix and match your bookend from a choice of seven funky colours. Perfectly at home in the lounge, kitchen, study or children's bedrooms and absolutely ideal everywhere in the office. Learn More
  8. Storage Pot for Stationery.

    Storage Pot for Stationery.


    A sturdy, stylish & functional stationery/art pot for pens, pencils, rulers or paint brushes and art utensils. This functional storage pot is available in nice, funky colours and has a soft padded base! A practical pot for an art studio or a home office. No scratches or scrapes on your polished desk or worktop and wipe cleanable too! Learn More
  9. Paper Hole Punch by Quattro Colori.

    Paper Hole Punch by Quattro Colori.


    A hole punch that packs a punch of holes through up to 16 sheets of paper! Hole punch available in eight funky colours to match your office stationery or home study. Learn More
  10.  Mobile Phone Charger - 'DRIINN' Holder.

    Mobile Phone Charger - 'DRIINN' Holder.


    Out of stock

    Plug in your mobile phone charger, hang the 'Driinn' phone support over the charger plug, wind the excess charger cable around the narrow part of the phone support and place your mobile on the little shelf. Keeps your phone charger plug in one place so you can find it every time your phone needs charging! Funky gift idea that is practical too! 'Driinn' is the sound of the phone ringing in French life, hence the name of this mobile phone holder. Just the red or black phone holders in at the moment folks! Learn More

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